The Power of Brutal Honesty in The Age of Bullshit

There’s precious little marketing I look at with envy. We live in a world where marketers ensure messages are safe and devoid of anything that might offend anyone or they’re bombastic strategy missives lacking empathy for the audience.

We’re served chest-thumping hyperbolic diatribes of how the product will improve humanity and make our drab lives worth living… or we get borrowed interest advertising razzamatazz with little relevance to the product.

The Marcom landscape is like a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. Expected and bland.

So when a drop of red paint appears on the gray marketing canvas, I take notice and cheer, and I’m loving the new campaign for Emerald Nuts from Barton F. Graf.

The campaign is based on an actual Amazon review the product received. “Yes Good” someone wrote.

Yes. Good. Any questions?

The smart people at the ad agency saw a bone with lots of meat on it and feasted. Two simple words that slap one upside the head with their honest sincerity.

And, go!

They created a TV spot that stands out visually and verbally for its simplicity and candor.

They also created a passel of videos inspired by other reviews. Some are too-too, but I give the creative team props.

And I cheer the anonymous writer of “Yes Good” for calling it like he/she tastes it.

This is a refreshing campaign that’s really good (hmm, too much?).