What Will Be The Death of Social Media?


Social media’s all the rage these days, and why not? Who doesn’t like to believe people are passionate about their brand and want to “join the conversation.”

It’s like believing you’re the life of the party– who doesn’t think that (especially after a couple drinks)?

But social media isn’t a marketing panacea. Many believe it’s just a placebo.

The one thing that will ensure its demise is trying to control the conversation. Seeding the dialogue with bogus shills and glowing commentary. Once people suspect the legitimacy of rave reviews, they’ll lose trust. And that’s happening right now. You may believe Aunt Sally who tells you something about a brand at a family reunion, but what about Sally Creemcheck from Muncie who praises specific model numbers and limited time offers on the brand’s FB page?

People are too smart today, their B.S. detectors too finely-tuned thanks to our incessant blasting of promotional messaging and chest thump-ry.

We are all skeptical. Many are cynical, to boot. So naturally, we’re naturally suspicious. When people can’t or won’t trust people, look out. As more brands delude themselves that social media is the game changer, they’ll see consumers often don’t care that much–– certainly not as much as the anxious CMO will ambitious growth plans.

Don’t foolishly think modern marketing is as simple as playing the social media game. Don’t turn your brand over to consumers and let them determine your fate, or, try leading them down your primrose path of shiny propaganda and bogus praise in social channels. Don’t turn all your attention on earning likes. The value is quicksilver, marketing fool’s gold.

Social media is part of the puzzle, but it’s not the Rosetta Stone of marcom.