Why Marketers Should Always Remember
A Mother’s Tears

Mother's Tears

Throughout the history of humanity, I doubt anything has had the emotional power of affecting a person as much as seeing one’s mother cry.

Recall a time when you saw your mother cry. Close your eyes. That image is still there, forever burnished into your consciousness. How did it make you feel?





Probably all of them.

Why does seeing your mother cry have so much power? Because she’s the one who gave you life. The one who was (and is) so strong.

She was your teacher, counselor, motivational spark, cheerleader, drill instructor and #1 fan.

To see your mother cry is to see all that you know and trust in the world collapse. It’s your pillar of strength showing weakness.

Seeing your mother cry is undeniable proof that we are all vulnerable, all susceptible to pain, suffering and grief.

We are all human. Even superwomen. Even moms.

On this Mother’s Day, make your mom happy. Spread her joy, her love and the precious gift of life she gave you. Do her proud and show that her gift pays dividends.

And if your mother has left our world, remember her smile and her spirit. That is a reward you’ll cherish all your life.

(A reminder that your target audiences are not demographics. They are people, and despite our differences, we are all the same–– the daughters and sons of mothers. Treat your audience as your mom taught you: with compassion, dignity and respect. Marketers must ensure their messages bring something of value to people, demonstrate the product’s relevance to improving life, or suffer the consequences of being ignored.)